Have you ever googled kind of questions: how to hack a facebook or twitter account? Well, i am certain that you have never got your aim, since you still looking up your path by clicking on my post. But we never encourage you to commit illegal act, our team is totaly out of charge about the way you use what you will learn with us, we are here to give ethical hacking courses by posting videos every 4 days, so your first course will be the following:

  • Surf on google about the principals of an ethical hacker.
  • Reach at least a beginner level by reading articles about the way internet works.

We will walk you to reach advanced level on ethical hacking, but we advice you dear procrastinator to get up and start right now before we publish our first video.

We will use in our courses kali linux in a virtual machine, so it will be nice also to get basic knowledge about linux.

Ps: stop googling and watching hacking movies because i am sure you won’t be able to get what you want.