I’m out, where to go? – to the best cafeteria, i have to sit, quite tired, exhaustipated to answer, here i am.

Here i am, what a fully zone, a lot of people, psychopaths either, i am thursty, cold even i should buy something, i think coffe is better, no tea, well could i have a cup of juice please? – what a strange waiter why is he staring at me ? I am i looking like a fried potato? Is something strange with me? – It doesn’t matter! it does actually but i don’t give a finger like i said i’m exhaustipated, well i should go back to my place, em! I need to move elsewhere, i don’t know- to the corner for example, yes better to sit there so i can face a lot of people, strange people. Here i am, what a confortable place better than my home, my blue room i mean- here i am facing several smiles, some pretend to do so, i pounder what’s behind the mask? Why do they smile? Is it to say that they are happy or to show that they have got a good life; a house, a love, two children, and a comfortable job? It is all the comfort, everything related to it- why is she looking at me? Oh she smiles, do i have to talk her? But what to say? Hello my name is Micheal, i don’t care what is yours, your age even, i just want to admire your beauty- no i can’t do that..why? Just to say i like her? What else? And what if she said back the same? We interchange our phone number, write and chat everyday than hang out with her, what comes next? Maybe marry her, but i don’t want to possess her neither she does, but what if we come to? We will get two children, now i don’t like it, it doesn’t mean i am not responsible yet, but i don’t like childish innocence, it drives me back to my young optimism- and how to feed them all With my miserable income? Ok- she still smiling – no no don’t wink sheepishly please, ok i am to go- come on just one step to her ok i will go to say hi then words might come out, but why to do – oof! Like i said i’m exhaustipated, i’m out of my day- but when i am in? Don’t record- maybe it was at my 10th..ok ,i acknowledge i can’t hit the broad side of a barn, i am to move home, share my lonliness with insomnia so, good night!